MSM joins ADS Toulouse

Following MSM's success at the Paris Airshow it was decided in July that we should join ADS Toulouse as a Tier 2 member. The move provides us with modern office facilities, close to Airbus and their OEM suppliers, with first class access to the decision makers. The recent months have shown that it was a good decision - allowing us to secure several opportunities on current aircraft programmes, already. Most of the introductions are made through the well-respected senior staff at the offices, who seem to know exactly who to call!

Additionally, the Toulouse office runs a programme of networking events for the UK suppliers, enabling contact with the movers and shakers in the French aerospace industry. One such was the Toulouse Annual Event, this year held at the Hippodrome, which was attended by Michael Pedley and Dick Martin. After the presentations and introductions, entertainment for part of the evening was provided by 'harness racing' or 'le trotter Francais' but sadly we couldn't pick a winner in any of the races!