Metallic Tanks

  • 146 Potable water tank repair

This part is repaired under our 145 CAA approval. The part comes in to MSM for a basic weld repair to manufacturing new end pressings.

Welded together including pressure test and x-ray of the weld. All within MSM's  capabilities.

  • ATP Hydraulic Reservoir tank

This tank is repaired under MSM's CAA approval. We remove the bracket, weld repair and modify the bracket and re-attach. It is then pressure tested and surface treated and returned to the customer as a serviceable part.

  • 125 Aircraft tank, complete manufacture

This 125 tank is manufactured complete from pressed and press braked parts.  TiG and resistance welded together to aerospace specifications including pressure test and x-ray of the Resistance welds and TiG welds.


  •  Aluminium aircraft hydraulic tank

Historically MSM manufactured this part complete including manufacturing pressing for the body, welding as an assembly, including x-ray and pressure test. We have also had this tank back for repair.


MSM aero's highly skilled and experienced welding team is NADCAP approved across the full range of aerospace welding processes.  Our welders are widely recognised as being in the top echelon of the industry.

TiG welding and brazing of all aircraft materials by hand is complemented by Jetline auto-TiG and 5 axis laser welding for reduced heat input and greater control.  We have the ability to repair aircraft metallic tanks or to completely manufacture an entire new tank.

MSM has one of the most capable resistance welding facilities in the UK, enabling spot and seam welding of aluminium, stainless steel, inconel 625 and inconel 718 and titanium.

We have been manufacturing and repairing aircraft oil and water tanks for over 70 years and we are a key supplier to many of Europe’s regional airlines.  Components can be supplied as finished parts or can be further worked and/or assembled within a 25,000sqft facility which houses our other NADCAP approved special processes.

We also have an EASA145 maintenance, repair and overhaul cell.  This facility offers a unique service of weld and sheet metal repairs to metallic components, specialising in the repair of oil and water tanks.

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