a unique process for forming complex shapes

Combining hydroforming and press shop facilities, MSM aerospace fabricators has developed its bulge forming technique to a fine art.

Bulge Forming is a process that involves expanding fluid in a rubber bladder, or bung, within a cavity die tool containing a sheet metal blank (cone or tube) to create a pre-determined shape reflected by the inner contour of the cavity die tool. It is an axial loading, cold forming process and is typically used to form cylindrical and spherical components from super alloy materials. The advantages of this process are that it is capable of producing complex shapes, with non-symmetrical features if required, and with uniform wall thickness.

Bulge Forming Advantages:

Produces complex shapes

Uniform wall thickness

More efficient and reliable than spinning or stretch forming

Smoother forming method

Usually used to produce aircraft exhausts, intake lip skins, nacelle doors and fairings

Can produce non-symmetrical features

Minimal material thinning

Mastered technique to produce parts of up to 1-metre diameter and 1-metre long

Parts from titanium, nickel alloys and aluminium

Components can be supplied as finished parts or can be further worked or assembled

If you need more information or you would like to discuss a specific requirement please contact a member of the MSM team.