We are always looking ahead for innovative technologies to meet the exceptional needs of the aerospace sector. We have a talented and dynamic team; innovative and creative in developing outstanding solutions for our leading aerospace customers. Together, we work hard and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Through extensive R&D we have developed expertise in high pressure bulge forming – proven to be a cost-effective alternative to the less reliable methods of stretch forming and spinning. Typically used for manufacturing cylindrical and double curvature components for nacelle, exhaust and ECS applications.

Using bespoke FEA software MSM has the superior knowledge and ability to perform sheet metal forming simulation which enables us to accurately predict how a part will form - highlighting potential wrinkling or thinning and defining any requirements for inter-stage heat treatment. The process is then optimised, all prior to any investment in material or tooling. Customers make best use of this capability in order to drive their product design towards lower cost and reduced mass.

MSM is pioneering the development of 5 axis laser welding and has produced x-ray quality welds in a range of thicknesses in Inconel and titanium.

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