TiG Welding of Nickel Alloys

TiG Welding of Nickel Alloys

MSM aerospace fabricators is a proven specialist in welding high temperature, heat resistant nickel alloys as used in the aerospace industry, such as Inconel 625 and Inconel 718. Having a team of coded welders with over 100 years of combined experience MSM is capable of producing complex parts and assemblies.

The example shown in this photograph is a bleed air duct assembly as used in the engine of a commercial aircraft and is one of a number which make up the kit. The tube material is 22swg/0.7mm Inconel 625 with a diameter of 50mm. Consisting of three of bends, two gimbal connectors and a machined flange at either end the overall length of 0.950m has to be held within a tolerance of 250 microns/0.010”. Taking into account an allowance for “weldshrinkage” for each of the joints, MSM’s experienced engineers and welders developed a reliable and efficient method of producing these complex assemblies to a consistently acceptable high quality standard, whilst maintaining the physical dimensions as well as achieving the stringent X-ray criteria.

MSM’s NADCAP approved welding facility consists of a team of highly experienced coded welders working in accordance with the AWS D17 Specification for Fusion Welding in Aerospace. Fusion welding is performed using equipment incorporating the very latest advanced inverter technology. Also included within the facility are Jetline and Hobart semi-automatic Seam welding machines and Siacky Spot welding equipment. This highly efficient facility is supported by MSM’s NADCAP approved NDT PFD dye penetrant inspection facility with X-ray requirements being sub-contracted to reputable aerospace approved 3rdparties.

MSM’s fusion welding manufacturing capability covers a wide range of cylindrical and prismatic component parts including connectors,reducers, gimbals, pipes, filters, ozone converters and manifolds as used in aircraft engine bleed air applications, fuel systems and other aircraft ECS(environmental control systems); small to medium sized assemblies such as potable water tanks, fuel tanks and hydraulic reservoirs and heat exchangers; larger assemblies including ATR exhausts, engine nacelles and turbine compression ring assemblies.

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