MSM’s highly skilled and experienced laser welding team are NADCAP approved across the full range of aerospace welding and laser welding processes. Our aerospace welders and laser welders are widely recognised as being in the top echelon of the industry. Tig welding and brazing of all aircraft materials by hand is complemented by Hobart and Jetline auotmated welding for greater control and reduced cost.

MSM has one of the largest resistance welding facilities in the UK, enabling spot and seam welding of aluminium, stainless steels, inconel 625, inconel 718 and titanium.  Applications for this facility include engine jet pipes, intakes, manifolds and fireskins and also aircraft structure and control surface spot weld assemblies.

For more information about aerospace and laser welding, or to talk to one of our engineers call 0161 643 2462.