unique pipe bending machine capability

MSM aerospace fabricator’s CNC Pipe Bending machine has a capacity of up to 40mm diameter and lengths of up to 2m long

Bend radii’s as small as 1 x diameter can be produced and at angles of up to 180 degrees. MSM's facility has an extensive selection of bending tools available many different tube diameters and bend radii can be accommodated in both imperial and metric sizes.

This machine is ideal for small to medium batch runs and typical applications are aircraft fuel, oil and water pipes, piccolo and anti-ice tube components.

Furthermore MSM has manufactured bespoke tube rolling equipment to suit regular supply against major aircraft programmes or to suit large bespoke applications. Our tube rolling capability extends to diameters of 100mm / 4".

Hydroforming Advantages:

CNC controlled therefore consistent set up and operating parameters.

Variable programmable speeds enabling bending to be optimised thereby eliminating wrinkling and cracking

Fast throughput with quick setup and shorter cycle times

Automatic measurement and correction for springback

If you need more information or you would like to discuss a specific requirement please contact a member of the MSM team.