MSM Helicopter Exhaust MRO

MSM has recently completed an exhaust refurbishment programme for a fleet of helicopters. The project included modification and repair to the jetpipe and its metallic insulation. MSM’s MRO team removed the existing insulation, stripped and cleaned the pipe then performed a full dye penetrant NDT check on their electrostatic line, this is to inspect for very small cracks or other damage. Any cracks were TiG weld repaired and a repeat NDT carried out. The pipe is then fitted with new metallic insulation, re-identified and return shipped to the customer.

MSM has a long heritage of EASA and CAA145 repair of turbo-prop and turbo-shaft exhausts, engine intakes and bleed air ducts. MSM is a key supplier to many of Europe’s Regional airlines, and provides a complete survey, repair and test service for high temperature, metallic components. MSM specialises in the repair of intakes, piccolo/anti-ice tubes, titanium fireskins, exhausts and jetpipes, oil and water tanks. For more information or to talk to a member of our MRO team, visit us here