Q&A with MSM’s new Managing Director, Gary Turner

Today we chat with Gary Turner, new Managing Director at MSM aerospace fabricators.


1. Gary congratulations on your new role. MSM is expanding rapidly, with the recent addition of 12 new staff members. There is a lot of talk about the skills gap in the industry, how important is the quality of the team at MSM?

The quality of our team is of paramount importance to our continued success, embedding our new and existing staff members into our processes and technology is key in driving our business forward.


2. MSM has an 85 year heritage and prides itself on the delivery of complex technical solutions, how important is this in the aerospace sector?

I always feel extremely proud of our heritage, this has enabled MSM to be a truly global leader.

In an ever challenging world, our technological approach provides cost disruptive solutions to the aerospace industry’s complex problems.


3. The aerospace sector is a sector with fast changing demands, how does MSM stay ahead of the competition and deliver on customer expectations?

Communication, team work, innovation and commitment are some of our key values along with a passion for what we do and why we are here, early adopters of the latest technology and driving our best practices. Because of our customers we exist.


4. What are the biggest challenges facing the aerospace industry at the moment?

Single source special processes, extended lead-time supply chain and as ever filling the skills gap, that said the industry is still in a fantastic place and has shown true resilience post global events and has come back leaner and stronger than ever.