MSM attends the Liebherr Supplier Conference

MSM attended the Liebherr Supplier Conference in the spectacular Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The procurement departments of Liebherr-Aerospace invited its suppliers, and more than 300 participants from all over the world attended the conference. The event involved many conversations and the exchanging of views about the challenges facing the aerospace industry in today’s climate.

During presentations, representatives of Liebherr-Aerospace shared the importance of providing its customers with advanced products and technologies, with emphasis on quality, and on time delivery, material availability and skills.

CEO of MSM, Michael Pedley comments “It was great to attend this event and as an aerospace OEM supplier, MSM is committed to IR4, sustainability & compliance and the development of our experienced team, some of the key subjects that were discussed.”

About MSM

MSM aerospace fabricators is an advanced engineering supplier that designs, develops and delivers a range of quality approved complex technical solutions to the aerospace sector.

We work collaboratively with leading aerospace OEMs, globally, to create valuable intellectual property. The success of our company is made possible through a customer focussed, can-do attitude.

We are a leading SME manufacturer specialising in hydroforming for intake, exhaust and thermal systems applications.

MSM has specialist capabilities in hydroform pressing and bulge forming in titanium and inconel metals, 5 axis laser profiling, laser welding and TiG and spot & seam resistance welding.

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