Q&A with Charles Dickson, Manufacturing Engineer at MSM

Q1 Congratulations Charles on completing your first year with MSM as a Manufacturing Engineer. What does this role involve?

This role comprises of designing tools and processes to manufacture new products whilst ensuring the operation is cost-efficient and conforms to aerospace standards. The position also involves maintaining MSM’s high-quality, continuous production while supporting the special processes in the factory.


Q2 MSM delivers a range of quality approved complex technical solutions. What are the biggest challenges of the role?

An extensive list of specifications and approvals from a variety of customers requires assurance, concentration, and time to guarantee every part is manufactured correctly. Given the opportunity to operate MSM’s 5 Axis Laser invites me to the finite details necessary in the aerospace industry.


Q3 MSM works within the Aerospace sector, a sector with fast changing demands, how does MSM stay ahead of the competition?

The business is constantly researching machinery which could be a valuable investment. One example, our 3D printer is capable of rapidly manufacturing checking or laser fixtures; allowing MSM to offer a competitive lead-time for fast-make solutions. Most recently, the state-of-the-art Hydroform press being installed will continue to extend MSM’s pressing capabilities for the next 50 years!


Q4 The aerospace supply chain is one of the highest quality sectors. How does MSM continue to support progress and Industry 4.0?

MSM has sought out a new generation of graduate engineers to develop and support the lean manufacturing process by introducing new and insightful methods. Also, MSM is making strides in Laser Welding to aid in the forever growing demand of the aviation industry.


Q5 Lastly what do you most enjoy about your role, I imagine no two days are the same working in such an innovative sector.

Experiencing such a variety of tasks and operations motivates me to continue to learn and witness everything the industry has to offer. Visiting customer/suppliers to build relations whilst understanding how other companies operate is intriguing to witness, as well as developing my commercial awareness.